Why more and more stadiums switched to LED lighting?

Since 2015, nearly 25% of the stadiums of Major League Sports have the traditional metal halide lamps replaced with more energy-saving LED light system.

Why so many teams advanced venues using LED technology?

When the slow motion replays, the LED lighting systems help to avoid the flickering, which often happen when metal halide lamps used. Equipped with advanced LED sports lighting, these clips can now be played back without flickering at 20,000fps, so fans can capture every second of the replay.

When the fields are illuminate with LED lighting systems, the image is brighter and more vivid on the TV because the balance of lighting colors. There are barely shadows, glare or black spots, keeping the motion clear and unobstructed.

Thanks to the LED lighting system, fans could have a better experience. The viewing of the game have been improved, and the participation of the audience increased as well. Not like the traditional lamps, LED lights can be turned on immediately and don’t need seconds. So you can adjust the light at halftime or during the game reduces operating costs.

For a lighting upgrade project costs, not only the lamps’ cost, electricity costs and labour costs should be taken into consideration as well. As led technology develops rapidly, its energy-efficient(up to 160lm/w) and operating costs are more attractive than ever. Sports venue equipped with LED lamps can save up to 75% of total energy costs compared to a traditional metal halide system. Besides, LEDs have a longer lifetime and much more easy maintenance.

For the stadiums, installation fees is another import part of the project costs except the lamps. The average installation cost of a stadium ranges from $800,000 to $2 million, depending on the size of the stadium, lighting system, etc.

With lower energy consumer and lower maintenance costs, you’ll see the return on investment of the LED system in a few years.

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