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STL LED Street Light

  • LED Street Light
  • LED Street Light
  • LED Street Light
  • LED Street Light
  • LED Street Light
  • LED Street Light

STL LED Street Light are new design to reduce energy and maintenance costs. Patented optics maximize light distribution and placement with exceptional, low-glare illumination on the intended area, while minimizing light trespass into nearby homes and businesses. Can work with smart lighting control system, like PHILIPS CityTouch.

1. Watt: 30W, 45W, 55W, 65W, 75W, 100W, 120W, 150W, 180W
3. Driver: Meanwell Driver, INVENTRONICS Driver, PHILIPS Driver, 5 years warranty
4. Beam angle: ME1~ME5
5. Function: non-dimming, 1-10V dimming, Dali dimming, Intelligent lighting system

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** Specifications

Specification of STL LED Street Light

** Advantage of STL LED Street Light

Advantage of STL LED Street Light

** Dimension (unit:mm)

Dimension of Street Light

** Multiple Light Distribution Options

Multiple Light Distribution Options

** Intelligent street lighting system

We provides a total solution for intelligence street lighting system.
The street light intelligence system is consist of software, concentrator, terminal controller. The concentrator controller is installed in the distribution cabinet, the terminal controller is installed in the lighting terminal. It proceeds with communication via GPRS/CDMA/WCDMA wireless network or cable network & monitor center and proceeds with communication via ZIGBEE/PLC. Concentrator controller can control each terminal controller via receiving, executing, forwarding PC management software ,which can control each lamp’s switching on /off or dimming ,then save electric energy. It can also monitor the lamps’ electric energy to achieve failure lamps function. Concentrator controller can built-in DO to achieve street light loop control, it can connect with other equipment to collect local illumination, temperature and other information, feedback to PC management software and achieve to monitor the current information.

Intelligent street lighting system

** Photocell Sensor

If the fixture with PHOTOCELL SENSOR function, the Photo Receptacle will be installed on the cover of fixture. Fit the pins of Photo Sensor to Photo Receptacle, firmly insert and rotate Photo Sensor to proper position.

♥Make sure all the connections done and photocell sensor is well installed on the fixture, switch on the power supply and cover the window of photo sensor, wait 5 seconds, the fixture will be turned on.


** PHILIPS CityTouch Flex


This system is consist of four parts, our intelligent street lamp, signal processing center, Internet or local server, and central application management. The intelligent street lamp and the signal processor communicate through GPRS/GSM, and then upload the information to the cloud server or local server, which is managed or analyzed by the street lamp manager. Conversely, street lamp managers can also send instructions to precisely control each street lamp.

NB-loT lighting has many advantages. It can bring together a variety of sensing technologies. Able to communicate with a single light. Able to partition, switch and dimmer in the cloud. Able to seamlessly connect to third-party devices for energy management.

Install PHILIPS LED Driver

** High and Low Temperature Cycle Test: 200 times

TESTING OF led street light
TESTING OF led street light
TESTING OF led street light

** More Details of STL LED Street Light

More details of STL led street light

** Installation Type

Rail Installation

Rail Installation

Rail Installation

Straight rod installation

** Flexible Fitter (adjustable tilt angle: ±0-5-10-15º)

Horizontal Installation type

Horizontal Installation

Vertical Installation Type

Vertical Installation

** Application

Street Light Applications
Street Light Applications
Street Light Applications
Street Light Applications

** Download Data Sheet

data sheet

** Download IES Files

IES files

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