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Smartpro LED UFO High Bay

  • Smartpro LED UFO High Bay

Smartpro LED UFO High Bay are high light output series, 190lm/w, delivering up to 38,000 lumens. With built-in microwave sensor, can be controlled by remote controller, which can save more energry. Produced with Meanwell XLG driver, guarantee the quality of the product, also the price is very good compared with HBG series. Offer 5  years warranty. 

1. Watt: 100W/150W/200W
2. LED: 2835SMD/CREE 3030SMD, 150lm/w or 190lm/w
3. Driver: Meanwell XLG Driver, MOSO Driver, 5 years warranty
4. Beam angle: 60° / 90° / 120°
5. Function: 1-10V dimming, Dali dimming, Built-in Sensor

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** Specifications

Type 1: 190lm/w, 2835SMD, Meanwell XLG driver, 5 years warranty.

190lm/w LED UFO High Bay

Type 2: 150lm/w, CREE 3030, Meanwell XLG driver, 5 years warranty.

150lm/w led ufo high bay

Type 3: 150lm/w, CREE 3030, MOSO driver, 5 years warranty. Built in Microwave sensor, controlled by remote controller

** Video

** Built-in Microwave Sensor Testing

** Dimension

Smartpro LED UFO High Bay


190LM/W LED UFO High Bay

** LED UFO High Bay built-in microwave sensor

led ufo high bay built-in sensor

** Details of remote controller

remote controller

** Accessories for Smartpro LED UFO High Bay

accessory for smartpro led ufo high bay

** Production & Packing

Production and Packing of LED UFO High Bay

** Application

warehouse lighting

factory lighting

indoor sports lighting

Shopping mall hall

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