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Sany Series LED Downlight

  • Sany series led downlights
  • Sany series led downlights
  • Sany series led downlights
  • Sany series led downlights

Sany Series LED Downlight is ultra-slim. High quality heat sink, with samsung SMD, BOKE flicker free driver, offer 5 years warranty. Light efficiency is up to 90-100LM/W. With milky cover, anti-glare. Widely used for shopping mall, hall etc.

1. Watt:  15W, 20W, 30W
2. Cut-out: Φ125mm, Φ160mm, Φ210mm
3. LED: Samsung SMD
4. Ra: >80, >90 for optional
5. Driver: PHILIPS Driver, TRIDONIC Driver, EUCHIPS Driver, Lifud Driver, Boke Driver, AIDimming
6. Function: no/off, Traic dimming, 1-10V dimming, Dali dimming

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** Specifications

Sany led downlightdetails of led downlights

** Dimension (unit:mm)

Fany led downlights dimension

** 90° beam angle, high light efficiency, low glare

beam angle and luxLight efficiency of led downlight

** Optional chip brand

smd led

GaoTerLED downlights choose brand original light source, make sure that the color tolerance<3 color performance, pure light color, high color rendering, a uniform light is downy, completely simulate natural light. In the process of production strictly detection, quality control, ensure that each light source are excellent, consistent, sustained and stable color expressive force.

** Color tolerance SDCM<3


Step 2: can’t perceive color difference;
Step 3: difficult to perceive color difference;
Step 4: can perceive color difference.

** Variety of light color option, meet different lighting environment needs

CCT options

Warm White (2700K/3000K)
Suitable for low intensity of illumination requirements of household, hotels, clubs, restaurants, exlusive stores, etc.
Neutral White (4000K)
Suitable for higher demand illumination chain stores, commercial complexes, office buildings and other places.
Cold White (5000K/6000K)
Suitable for higher demand illumination schools, hospitals, jewelry stores, jade shops, roads and other places.

** High CRI

CRI 90 led downlight

All GaoTerLED downlights are with excellent color expressive force, show that all above 80, specific items can be more than 90, make the content more bright and clear, real reflect the goods material and color, improve the grade of products.

** Optional driver

LED downlight driver

** Application

Fany led downlights applistion
Fany led downlights applistion
Fany led downlights applistion
Fany led downlights applistion

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data sheet

** Download IES Files

IES files

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