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I-Clean LED UFO High Bay

  • I-Clean UFO High Bay

I-Clean LED UFO High Bay is specifically designed for food processing environments, including: poultry and meat processing, food processing, cold storage and other areas. It has a safe optic lens that meets the ‘No-Glass’ requirement for food areas. I-Clean LED UFO High Bay is made of high grade aluminum with non-exposed stainless steel screws, and its smooth design that allows for easy cleaning and ensures no recesses for bacteria to grow in.

1. Watt: 100W/120W/150W
2. LED: CREE 3030SMD, 150lm/w
3. Driver: Meanwell HBG Driver, 5 years warranty
4. Beam angle: 60° / 90° / 120°
5. Function: 1-10V dimming, Dali dimming
6. IP67, IP69K, Suitable for food processing plants

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Smooth LED UFO High Bay

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packing of I-Clean UFO High BayI-Clean UFO High Bay

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Cold Storage

Cold Storage

Milk processing plant

Milk processing plant

Meat processing plant

Bread factory

Bread factory

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