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LED Linear Light

LED Linear light with trunking system

Linear Lighting Solution is a modular concept.
Consisting of trunking rails, luminaire inserts and accessories.

High quality: The luminaire emits harmonious, less glare with UGR<22.
OSRAM LEDs: High luminous efficiency up to 130 lm/W, no extra accessories such as reflectors or louvers required with it’s various optics.
Thermal Management: Longer lifespan with good thermal conductivity design , ample heat sink area up to 106cm²/w. With extremely low temperature around 40-45 °C at normal ambient temperature.
TRIDONIC Driver: High efficiency isolated driver, No RF Interference with bipolar driver design. Up to 90% efficiency with PF>0.95, luxurious margin of each electrical component guarantees the long life up to 10 years.
Application: supermarket, warehouse, work shop, area with big size, and so on.
Offer 5 years warranty.


Node Connector

All system components can be combined without tools. X, T and L connectors expand the system’s application range.
Each node connector has diverse of electrical feed-in and feed-out. The node connector is not only to connect the cross trunking, but also to connect the wire inside the trunking, and the node connector itself could even be the electricity feed-in point.